Katherine Montague is a fashion designer and owner of a fashion house that dresses the elite of Durban socialites and celebrities.

I come from a family of fashion enthusiasts. Some were designers, some manufactured clothing and others were clothing retailers. So my intense affair with turning sheets of fabric into beautiful garments started when I was very young. I obtained a Diploma in Design from the acclaimed Linea Academy, a landmark of excellence in design education in the city of Durban at the time. On completion of my formal studies, I enrolled to complete my practicals with clothing manufacturing outfit Hot Shot Clothing.

Tyrone Zinman – the owner of the business –  employed me as their in-house designer. In this position I was exposed to every facet of the world of fashion design. One aspect of my position at Hot Shot Clothing  was that I had to travel overseas every year as a trendhunter and to just take in the goings-on in the mens’ and boys fashion design space. These trips sparked the inspiration for all the exquisite work I was doing and they were  the beginnings of the what our clients are exposed to today.  Many independent stores thrived after being supplied with the work I conceptualised and Hot Shot Clothing manufactured and distributed.

In the late 90’s the clothing industry headed for a fall and Hot Shot Clothing was forced to close it’s doors. I was unemployed, and in the midst of the despair that went with that, I saw opportunity. I would start my own business designing clothes. I would also use many of the lessons I had learnt whilst working for the company and change my focus completely by designing strictly for women. Haute Couture in particular.

I officially launched the business in the year 2000 and kicked things off making classy corporate wear for a number of companies. When the market caught a glimpse of the work I was capable of delivering, requests started pouring in for more elaborate womens clothes and I found myself designing and manufacturing more tailored fit and more upmarket garments.

It was cemented. I was hooked.  I had chosen wisely. The future of Katherine Montague would be all about Haute Couture..

..or so I thought…

On 10 October 2016 I launched my long awaited Boutique, Katherine Montague, after many requests and much persuasion from my clients.  While chatting to them I discovered a niche in the market for an exclusive smart casual ready to wear range made from good quality fabrics limited in numbers and in my own unique design. This marked a beginning of a new chapter in my life, one that I am extremely excited about.